What is TPK? 

A new web series.


Ok... What's it about? 

A group of RPG players must fight for humanity's survival from the confines of Martial Law and a mandatory quarantine after they inadvertently broadcast the first night of the apocalypse on their livestream.


Dope! Where can I watch it?

Follow us on social media for updates, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our first four episodes! We begin crowdfunding August 1st to bring you the rest of the season. We screened at ClexaCon in April and will again in August at GenCon. Stay tuned for more updates on festivals!








             Our YouTube Channel




So... what is a 'Total Party Kill'?

A term in gaming where the GM (or Game Master - the game's leader/narrator) manages to kill all characters in the player group.


Oh, well, then... is the title a spoiler? 

We don't know, is it? Follow us for more info so you can watch and find out.


If I'm not a gamer, will I still be able to watch and understand? 

Absolutely! While there are fantastical elements and some jokes for us RPG players, the story is grounded in human emotion and experience. If you're a fan of sci-fi/fantasy, even if you're not a gamer, we're creating this show for you!


Are you partnered with any gaming sites? 

Yes! We're partnered with Saving Throw Show. Our creator/one of the members of the cast, Alyssa, plays over on their channel.


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